CIUSSS West-Central MontrealOctober 2019

Alan Maislin reappointed CIUSSS Board President

Alan Maislin has had his term renewed as President of the Board of Directors of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, and will serve in this capacity until September 2022.

Mr. Maslin says he is honoured by the reappointment and is “looking forward to continuing the important work that the Board began when our CIUSSS came into existence in 2015.

“We remain dedicated to providing users of health care and social services with treatment and care that are always evolving and improving, in order to meet society’s changing needs.

“To achieve this goal, we are continuing to strengthen the bonds among all of the facilities in our CIUSSS, as well as introducing innovative medical and administrative tools that are taking full advantage of the current digital revolution.”

Mr. Maislin has considerable experience in the field of rehabilitation, having served as President of the Board of CSSS Cavendish, President of the Users’ Committee of the Jewish General Hospital, and a member of the JGH Transformational Change Committee.

In the business world, Mr. Maislin is Chairman of the Board of the Quickmill Tooling Co. of Peterborough, Ontario. He has also owned and operated various trucking and customs brokerage companies.

Congratulations to Mr. Maislin have been extended by members of staff and by the CIUSSS Board, which consists of designated individuals from various professional groups within the network, including those with expertise in such fields as finance, governance, real estate, community organizations, rehabilitation and social services.

Among the Board’s main objectives are to help improve access to health care, upgrade the quality of care, and preserve each facility’s cultural identity.

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