CIUSSS West-Central MontrealNovember 2017


Chief Legal Counsel

Nathalie Lecoq has been named Chief Legal Counsel for CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. In this position, she will be responsible for the overall management of legal requests. She will also coordinate the activities of Legal Services and provide strategic legal advice to all CIUSSS facilities and to the network as a whole.

Previously, Ms. Lecoq worked with Saint Justine Hospital as a senior lawyer and as Coordinator/Manager of Legal Affairs for nine years. In this capacity, she developed expertise in governance, legal risk management, advocacy and innovative partnerships. Before becoming an in-house counsel, she practiced health law in a top Canadian law firm for eight years, providing legal advice to various healthcare institutions in Quebec.

A member of the Quebec Bar since 1998, Ms. Lecoq holds a Master’s degree in law and bioethics from McGill University. She completed civil law and common law programs at McGill’s Faculty of Law after her undergraduate studies in psychology.

“By providing the required legal services and supporting a healthy legal culture across the board, we aim to contribute to the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal’s commitment to patients, clients, residents and their families and staff,” Ms. Lecoq says.


Director of Logistics

Elliott Silverman

Elliott Silverman

Elliott Silverman has been appointed Director of Logistics for CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. Mr. Silverman will be responsible for logistics, which covers purchasing, materials management and the management of contracts. This involves refining the supply chain and easing the flow of goods throughout the CIUSSS.

“Our team is committed to streamlining logistics and purchasing for the entire network,” says Mr. Silverman. “Our top priority is to offer staff our support and expertise as well as to simplify services, to enable healthcare providers to dedicate themselves fully to the patients, residents and users in their care.”

Previously, Mr. Silverman worked with the JGH Quality Department. As Assistant to the Associate Executive Director for the Support, Administration and Performance Programs, he was in charge of the Project Management Office. As a Senior Project Manager for Transformational Change at the JGH, he introduced new standards for printing and hardware management that led to over $200,000 in savings for the JGH.


Director of Academic Affairs

Cindy Starnino has been appointed Director of Academic Affairs for CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. In this position, she will develop an advanced academic and learning environment in every CIUSSS facility, leading to services of superior quality for healthcare users and a greater level of visibility for the CIUSSS’s university mission.

This will also be accomplished by integrating the Directorate’s six key mandates—medical and university education; research; transfer, mobilization and exploitation of knowledge; development of cutting-edge practices; evaluation of technologies and modes of intervention; and visibility and influence.

Previously, Ms. Starnino was Director of University Affairs at the West Island CIUSSS, where she focused on developing teaching, research, innovative practices, knowledge transfer, and evaluation of technology and modes of intervention.

Earlier, she also served as Associate Director of Multidisciplinary Services for CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, and as Director of Quality, Performance and University Affairs and as Director of the Support Program for the Autonomy of Seniors at CSSS Cavendish.

“I am dedicated to innovation and promoting continuous links between the world of practice and research,” Ms. Starnino says. “I will continue to build solid relationships and partnerships with our multiple stakeholders to ensure that our researchers, staff and students thrive and shine.”

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