Nancy Rubin, Director of the JGH Auxiliary, with members of Dr. Clown, Zoé (Michele Sirois) and Frankie (Jean-François Leblanc). The Auxiliary raises funds that enable patients and staff to enjoy the troupe’s therapeutic humour on a weekly basis.
First person singularOctober 2018

It’s worth putting retirement on hold to guide The JGH Auxiliary in helping patients

In 2006, Nancy Rubin was on the brink of retiring, when a new opportunity up-ended her plans. Twelve years later, she’s still is at the helm of The JGH Auxiliary, where she works with a dedicated team of volunteers and professionals for the well-being of patients.

Joanne Laing with the distinctive blue jackets worn by volunteers at the Jewish General Hospital.
First person singularOctober 2017

Working with volunteers to spread hope, comfort and support

As Director of Volunteer and Pastoral Services, I’m privileged to see volunteers giving freely and generously of themselves to bring hope and comfort to patients and other healthcare users.

Hinda Goodman
First person singularMay 2017

Becoming a “bridge over troubled waters” in support of cancer patients

Even as a little girl, I knew I wanted to work in a hospital. And this is where I’ve ended up—helping cancer patients and their families at Hope & Cope.

Susan Rodgers
First person singularOctober 2016

Transporting patients through the hospital can be a moving experience

I always ask patients how they’re feeling and what I can do for them. In my own way, I try to make the patient’s stay in the hospital as smooth and easy as possible.

Marc Renaud, JGH Ophthalmic Technician and Project Manager of the McGill Glaucoma Information Centre.
First person singularSeptember 2015

Becoming a man of vision: Finding satisfaction in glaucoma education

No one who knew me at a young age would have believed I’d end up working in a hospital. But here at the JGH, I’m an Ophthalmic Technician, as well as Project Manager of the McGill Glaucoma Information Centre

Anna Pevreal
First person singularSpring 2015

From the outback to the operating room:
My journey as a nurse

By the time I turned 5, I knew I would be a nurse—and the inspiration came from my mother.

Lucy Wade
Fall 2014First person singular

Helping patients chart a course
through a sea of ethical dilemmas

Marine biology was my first passion. It’s an ocean away from my current role as the Jewish General Hospital’s Clinical Ethicist, but it’s where my interest in ethics truly began. As a child, I decided to spend my life researching whales and dolphins, and looking after the environment.