Dr. Charles Gomberg near the main entrance of the JGH, where the 96-year-old veteran internist spent a career that spanned seven decades. (Click on this or any photo to enlarge it.)
Feature articlesMay 2022

Veteran physician looks back on his 70-year professional association with the JGH

Dr. Charles Gomberg’s personal connection with the hospital has lasted nine decades n 1931, when Lord Bessborough, the Governor-General of Canada, turned the first sod to start construction of the Jewish General Hospital, 6-year-old Charles Gomberg was there with his parents to see it. Three years later, Charles returned to …

To demonstrate how communication takes place between residents’ representatives and staff in long-term care centres, Shannan Clement, an Orderly Coach at Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre, is assisted by Nayla Pallard, an Innovation Management Specialist with CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. The colour-coded sticky notes help to pinpoint areas where barriers or breakdowns in communication may occur. (Click on this or any image to enlarge it.)
CIUSSS West-Central MontrealMay 2022

Improving care by bringing staff together and ideas to life

OROT provides crucial guidance in the creation of solutions that match users’ needs t’s mid-morning and the elderly resident of a long-term care centre is becoming increasingly worried: Her relative was supposed to drop by for visit some time ago, but he still hasn’t shown up. Maybe he had to …

Larry Katz, a former JGH patient, and his spouse, Carol Adams, demonstrate how they connected to the Hospital@Home program via a smartphone that was lent to them by the JGH. Several times a day, they used the phone to take calls or participate in video meetings to update the care team about Mr. Katz’s recuperation at home. (Click on this or any photo to enlarge it.)
May 2022News

Patients in pioneering JGH program are monitored remotely while completing recovery at home

Hospital@Home, a pace-setting JGH program, allows certain patients to complete their recovery at home and still be continuously monitored by a hospital care team.