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Doctors praised for high quality of care in Dialysis Clinic

Nurses commended in patient survey for respectful attitude

Responding to a JGH survey about the Dialysis Clinic, an overwhelming majority of patients have said they have confidence in the quality of the care that they received from their doctor.

The Patient Satisfaction Survey found that 90 per cent of respondents approved of their doctor’s care, 94 per cent would recommend the Dialysis Clinic to people with similar needs, and 92 per cent approved of being addressed by the nurses in a manner that was respectful, polite and not overly familiar.

The bilingual survey, conducted in mid-2013, had a response rate of about 38 per cent, which is considered statistically valid. Paula Calestagne, Coordinator of the Patient Satisfaction Program, explains that the questionnaires enable patients not only to identify their likes and dislikes, but to state how much each issue matters to them. Thus, even if relatively few people say that they are distressed by a problem that they consider important, finding a solution becomes a greater priority.

With guidance from the findings of the survey, measures are being taken to improve aspects of the Dialysis Clinic where the level of satisfaction was lower. For example, work is proceeding on a new information pamphlet and DVD to help patients better understand the possible complications of their treatment. Efforts are also under way to increase patients’ involvement in making decisions about their care, and to help them understand the consequences of their illness on their daily lives.

In addition, a Clinical Nurse Specialist has been assigned to meet new patients and their families, accompany doctors on their weekly rounds, ensure continuity of care, and arrange meetings with patients and their families, as needed.

Another survey will be conducted this fall to re-evaluate patients’ satisfaction with the most recent improvements in the Dialysis Clinic.

The JGH Foundation is now conducting a major fundraising effort to relocate, consolidate and expand the Division of Nephrology’s hemodialysis facilities to ensure life-saving treatment for the growing number of patients. The JGH has the fastest growing hemodialysis program on the island of Montreal, performing over 31,500 individual treatments per year.

As the population ages, and as life expectancy rises due to medical advances, more people are experiencing kidney failure. This has led to a rapid increase in demand that is straining the capacity of the JGH’s facilities. Relocating and consolidating the Division’s two hemodialysis units into a single, larger area will streamline services and allow 11 dialysis stations to be added. This will bring the total to 44, allowing the Division to accommodate as many as 66 extra patients. For more information or to make a donation in support of this vital initiative, please call the JGH Foundation at 514-340-8251.

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