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Doing more with less

Myer Bick

Myer Bick

In an effort to control its finances and return to a non-deficit budget, the Quebec Government has required that all publicly funded institutions respect, to the letter, the operating budgets that they have been allocated. The Jewish General Hospital is among these institutions and has agreed with the government to do its utmost to do more with less.”

What does this mean?

For many years, the JGH has become a magnet hospital, attracting patients from across the island of Montreal and indeed, from all over Quebec. Many of these patients can now have equal care in their home hospitals and environment.

In partnership with the government, the JGH has committed itself to achieving (and has begun to implement) millions of dollars in annual efficiencies, while continuing to offer exceptional patient care to the people of Montreal. The current fiscal challenge presents the JGH with an opportunity to redefine itself, so that it will continue its proud 80-year tradition of providing the best medicine possible to the people of our city.

Our hospital’s Executive Director, Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, recently stated in his blog: “Indeed, the fiscal reality that we now face is difficult, to say the least. But we should view this challenge as a marvellous opportunity to re-imagine what we want our institution to be and how we want to deliver care to our patients. We are well past the time when we can do everything—certainly we cannot do everything to the highest of standards. Thus, I believe we should take advantage of this time to engage in a period of thoughtful reflection in order to prepare for the next stage in the ever-unfolding story of the JGH.”

Our Foundation, the indispensable partner of the hospital and government, helps to ensure that our patients benefit from the best equipment, upgraded facilities, novel research and, most important, the medical staff who provide care and support 365 days a year within our walls.

Today and in the future, our efforts are focused on providing the critical funds which will enable the hospital to take advantage of the revolution in technology and information services, to advance medical research and to sustain the needs of the new critical care wing, Pavilion K.

For eight decades, Montrealers have taken great pride in what the JGH has accomplished with their support. We remain steadfast in our belief that the generous support which you and other thoughtful and committed donors provide will continue, so that the JGH will be in a position to thrive and, yes, to “do more with less.”

Myer Bick
President and CEO

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