June 2021Milestones

Dr. Jason Agulnik appointed Chief of Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Jason Agulnik has been appointed JGH Chief of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine. He succeeds Dr. Andrew Hirsch, who had served as Chief since 2013 and will continue as a member of the Pulmonary team.

Dr. Agulnik joined the JGH in 2005, after a one-year fellowship in pulmonary oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. He is currently Co-Director of the Peter Brojde Lung Cancer Centre at the JGH, as well as Co-Lead of the Lung Tumour Group at the Rossy Cancer Network.

In the course of conducting clinical research, Dr. Agulnik obtained a Quality and Innovation grant from Rossy Cancer Network Cancer in 2019 to study the use of liquid biopsy as a blood test in diagnosing lung cancer.

In 2018, he received a TCP (Transition to Clinical Practice) Internal Medicine – Excellence in Teaching Award from McGill University, as well as a Research Award from the JGH Department of Medicine.

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