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Dr. Shannon Fraser receives national recognition of her leadership ability

Dr. Shannon Fraser, Chief of General Surgery at the JGH, has been officially certified at the national level for her leadership ability in the healthcare sector.

Dr. Fraser’s achievements have been recognized by the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders, which supports Canadian physicians by providing them with opportunities to develop their abilities as leaders and managers.

The certification itself is known as the Canadian Certified Physician Executive, which attests to a physician’s leadership skills and excellence as a manager. It is bestowed after an evaluation by the physician’s peers, plus an assessment by a panel to determine whether the physician meets nationally recognized standards.

“I’m delighted to have obtained this certification,” says Dr. Fraser, “because it represents the objective validation of my leadership contributions in our CIUSSS and at the JGH by my peer assessors and an external organization.

“Certification means that the physician has demonstrated initiative in their work, can effectively manage their time, and can successfully lead others in leadership and transformation projects. They achieve results, because they’re able to identify goals, engage with other people, and make it possible for various groups to work together.”

In addition to serving as Chief of her surgical division since 2009, Dr. Fraser has been involved in a wide range of projects. Included is the program that standardized the steps that various members of staff must follow in delivering care to patients.

As well, Dr. Fraser has been instrumental in the assessment of surgical quality at the JGH. She uses statistical data to identify areas for improvement, and to determine how well the hospital performs, compared to other healthcare centres in Canada and the United States.

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