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Get ready – baby’s on the way!

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now’s the time when you moms-to-be (and dads, too!) are going to need answers to all sorts of questions in order to make wise choices during the coming months and right up to the birth. After all, pregnancy involves a great many changes in the daily routines of future mothers—in nutrition and physical activity, for example.

Even though you can get useful advice from the people you know, other reliable sources of information are also available on just about any subject that a mother-to-be might want. For instance, you can find out about the medical tests that you’ll be taking, the week-by-week development of your pregnancy, prenatal courses in your area, how to prepare a birth plan, and much more.

To help you out, the JGH Patient and Family Resource Centre (PFRC) has put together a list of online materials on preganacy and delivery.

You can also visit the PFRC site for additional pages on such themes as breastfeeding, childhood development and parenting. In addition, books on a wide variety of subjects can be borrowed from the PFRC.

Another site worth visiting is BabyCenter Canada, where you’ll find a wealth of information on numerous subjects, all edited by experts.


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