MilestonesSpring 2015

In memoriam

Neri Judith Bloomfield, philanthropist

The entire JGH family is saddened by the loss on Feb. 5 of philanthropist Neri Judith Bloomfield, 90, whose support—along with that of her late husband, Bernard—was essential to the JGH, particularly in research at the Bloomfield Centre for Research in Aging in the Lady Davis Institute (LDI). The Bloomfield name is also prominent on a wide range of institutions and projects in Israel.

Mrs. Bloomfield was the long-serving President of the Eldee Foundation, which was instrumental in the founding of the LDI. The Bloomfield Centre for Research in Aging is at the forefront of the LDI’s research into the diseases of aging.

Born in Romania and raised in England, Mrs. Bloomfield was national President of the Canadian Zionist Federation and of the Jewish National Fund of Canada, and she chaired the women’s division of Combined Jewish Appeal.

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