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Inaugural Luxury Avenue event roars to success

The JGH Foundation held its first annual Luxury Avenue event on May 26 at the ICAR Circuit in Mirabel. The first of its kind in Montreal, the event brought together a sold-out crowd of 200 of the city’s most passionate car enthusiasts for a spectacular day of on-track and off-road racing in Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Land Rovers and souped-up Mustangs, including the latest F-type coupe from British automotive powerhouse, Jaguar.

The participants felt a rush of adrenaline, with the encouragement of Quebec’s own Nascar goddess and honourary event Chair, Isabelle Tremblay, who inevitably left her less-practiced competitors in the dust. While the racers refueled between activities, they had the chance to view the newest luxury models from Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Maserati and Audi, as well as a host of tempting vacation accommodations from Luxury Retreats on a site catered and designed by Seal Productions.

The Luxury Avenue Organizing Committee members.

The Luxury Avenue Organizing Committee members.

This thrilling day was capped by a “Casual Chic” cocktail dinatoire, dinner (BBQ) and dancing right on the racing tarmac, which was emceed with gusto by Tony Marinaro, host of “The Montreal Forum Show” on TSN 690 radio, and attended by over 350 guests.

Over and above its glamour, the most extraordinary element of the event is the impact of the funds raised, totalling $520,000, which will benefit three JGH causes: the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit headed by Dr. Apostolos Papageorgiou; the acquisition of a second MRI machine for the Department of Radiology, under the direction of Dr. Mark Levental; and the Rapid Assessment Zone (RAZ) in the new Emergency Department, led by Dr Marc Afilalo. These funds will help the hospital continue to provide cutting-edge medical treatment and compassionate care to all of its patients.

All in all, Co-Chairs Stéphane Bismuth, Danielle Bitton, Bernard Poulin and Natalie Voland, together with members of the organizing committee and an army of volunteers, really outdid themselves in delivering an empowering and unforgettable experience that had all of the participants asking for more.

The hospital and the Foundation would like to thank the many individuals, companies and groups who participated and gave their time, energy and financial support to advance the JGH’s mission for the benefit of the people of Quebec: the dedicated Co-Chairs, members of the organizing committee, our many generous sponsors and our volunteers. A special thank you goes to ICAR, Republik, Jaguar Land Rover Canada and Seal Productions, as well as to the Foundation staff, particularly Betty Elkaim and Mary Etzitian, for contributing their hard work and talent to ensure the success of the event from start to finish.

Honorary President Isabelle Tremblay put it best when she said: “Yes, I do love the smell of burning tires, the sound of engines, and the rush of adrenaline, but more than anything, I love to make a difference. My experience has shown me that great results cannot happen without support. Luxury Avenue would not have been possible without the hard work of what felt like a real formula team, one that I was proud to be a part of. Our achievements speak for themselves!”

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