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JGH staff receive bonanza of free items as thanks for fighting COVID-19

April 16 was a day of thank-you’s at the JGH: Seven sponsors donated a wide array of items to staff, in gratitude for their efforts in fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Staff GiveawayIn return,  employees thanked the donors for the treasure trove of free products, including chocolates, bottled water, beauty and cleaning products, toilet paper and energy drinks.

The response was so strong, among donors and employees alike, that the Staff Giveaway is being repeated on May 6.

More than 1,500 people—from a full range clinical and non-clinical areas—turned out to the four-hour Staff Giveaway in Carrefour Lea Polansky, where they helped themselves to necessities, as well as items that just made them feel good.

Staff Giveaway










At one point, the lineup stretched from the giveaway tables at the east end of the hall to the escalators at the west end, says Valerie Manouk, Director of Annual Programs for the JGH Foundation, which organized the event.

Sponsors of the Staff Giveaway

Many thanks to the generous sponsors, who provided free items to staff, in recognition for their tireless efforts during the pandemic.

Farinex – bottled water
Galerie au Chocolat – chocolates
Kruger Products – toilet paper
Marcelle Cosmetics – beauty products
Monster Energy – drinks
Oglio Professionnel – shampoo
Regal Confections – chocolates

Staff GiveawayMany of those who attended were also encouraged by their managers to bring back extra items for team members who were working the evening and night shifts.

“What was really nice was that it came together so quickly, because of the terrific cooperation and support that we got from Security, Logistics (including Receiving), Communications, Maintenance and Housekeeping,” says Ms. Manouk.

“The vibes were incredibly positive and everyone is really happy with the way things went,” adds Francine Levi, Co-Chair of the CIUSSS’s Employee Engagement and Recognition team. “It was great to see the smiles on people’s faces.”

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