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JGH’s achievements under Rick Dubrovsky’s leadership

In stepping down as JGH President, Rick Dubrovsky has completed a three-year term—2011 to 2014, one year longer than customary—that provided continuity of leadership in 2013 when Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg succeeded Dr. Hartley Stern as Executive Director.

With Mr. Dubrovsky’s guidance, the JGH made major strides in improving patient treatment and care, reflected most notably in the following achievements:

  •  the launch of Pavilion K, the new critical-care wing, whose first phase was inaugurated by the 2014 move of the Emergency Department into larger and fully redesigned facilities
  •  the opening of the Dubrovsky Molecular Pathology Centre, a key player in creating a personalized, genetics-based attack on cancer
  •  development and strengthening of numerous partnerships with other hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as academic and research institutions
  •  relocation and expansion of the Peter Brojde Lung Cancer Centre and the Marlene & Joel King Breast Centre
  •  accreditation in 2013 with the highest possible standing of Exemplary Status, making the JGH one of the few hospitals of its size in Canada with this distinction
  •  ranking of the JGH in 2013 by the Canadian Institute for Health Information as the most efficient hospital in Canada for its ability to channel the maximum funds into health care by saving on administrative costs
  •  selection of the JGH as one of Montreal’s top employers in 2013 and 2014

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