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Looking to relieve caregivers’ stress

Recruitment has begun for a study that is examining the potential advantages of physical activity in helping to relieve stress, decrease fatigue, and maintain the overall health of individuals who serve as at-home caregivers for patients with advanced cancer.

The study is being conducted by Jamie Penner, a JGH-based Ph.D. candidate in Nursing at McGill University, as a means of finding better ways to support caregivers for their own well-being, so that they can continue to provide care as long as they wish.

Ms. Penner, whose background is in oncology and palliative care, says the emphasis of the at-home program will not necessarily be on an intense, pre-structured exercise regimen, but on achieving a level of regular physical activity that each individual is comfortable with. The at-home program will be individualized and take into account the caregiver’s needs, interests and abilities.

Participants in the study should be over the age of 18, be caring at home for someone with stage 3 or 4 cancer, and be able to speak and read English. Anyone wishing to become involved can reach Ms. Penner at the JGH at 514-340-8222, extension 3426, or at jamie.penner@mail.mcgill.ca.

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