CIUSSS West-Central MontrealOctober 2016

Media roundup

When significant events or noteworthy achievements occur within the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, they often receive wide coverage by news media. Here’s a sampling of some recent stories.

  • On July 27, CBC News reported on the centennial celebration of Jewish Eldercare Centre, whose guests of honour were nine centenarians, ranging in age from 100 to 106.
  • A great deal of interest was generated by the announcement that Dr. Té Vuong, JGH Director of the Radiation Oncology, and Sylvain Martel, an engineer at the École Polytechnique, had found a way to use bacteria and microscopic robots to carry cancer-fighting drugs to targeted tumours. Coverage from CTV News is available as a video that was broadcast on August 17, or as an article that appeared on August 24.
  • On August 30, TVA Nouvelles aired a report in which Dr. Mark Basik, a JGH surgical oncologist, discussed a significant leap in medical treatment, using genetic tests to help certain women with stage 1 breast cancer to avoid chemotherapy.


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