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Pavilion K by the numbers

Health care

Figures reflect facilities in use in Pavilion K, as of April, 2016.
Total beds: 237
Intensive Care beds: 24
High-level Intensive Care beds: 20
Coronary Care beds: 14
High-risk pregnancy beds: 11
Birthing rooms: 11
Incubators in Neonatal Intensive Care: 34
Operating rooms: 13
Departments relocated in the January 24 move: 18

Pavilion K under construction in 2012.

Pavilion K under construction in 2012.



Rock and sand excavated: More than 28,300 cubic metres (1 million cubic feet)
Workers on site at peak times: More than 450


Furnishings and equipment

Area of floor coverings: Nearly 57,000 square metres (613,000 square feet)
Windows: 1,100
Stairs: Nearly 1,000
Reserves of oil: 120,000 litres
Electrical capacity of generators: 4.5 megawatts
Cooling capacity: 2,650 tonnes
Control points (e.g., thermostats, control panels) for heating, ventilation, air conditioning: More than 80,000

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