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Private donations remain vital to Pavilion K’s success

As patients reap the benefits of the improved healthcare services and enhanced environment of Pavilion K, private donors have been crucial in ensuring that many vital elements of the new critical-care wing are in place.

While government funding made the construction of Pavilion K possible, the JGH Foundation, through its community partners, has played an essential role in this massive project. The Foundation has undertaken responsibility for the funding of the 450-space underground parking in the amount of $26 million, as well as covering any cost overruns in building the facility.

In addition, the Foundation is committed to raising more than $50 million through its Capital Campaign to outfit Pavilion K and meet many other special needs.

Among the major endeavours in Pavilion K that would not have been possible without the generosity of private donors:

  • Construction of the state-of-the-art Nan and William Lassner Data Centre and acquisition of information technology hardware and applications (such as fibre optics and specialized software for the operating rooms and imaging services). As a result, the JGH now has the infrastructure to support every department, nursing unit, operating room, piece of equipment and patient room in Pavilion K. Seamless connectivity with the rest of the hospital is ensured, along with the ability to handle the expected increase in data volume.
  • Construction of two pedestrian links for smooth and efficient movement between Pavilion K and the main building.
  • The latest medical technology, equipment and furniture for the surgical suites, hybrid operating rooms, intensive care units and patients’ rooms, including dedicated imaging equipment (such as a CT scanner, X-ray machine and ultrasound machines) and non-medical equipment (stretchers, monitors, treatment chairs).
  • Construction and outfitting of a hybrid operating room with highly advanced imaging devices and digital surgical tools (e.g., an angiography system, articulated arms for various services, high-tech surgical lights and integrated multimedia devices). The high-resolution imaging equipment supports robotic surgery and angiography, as well as hybrid procedures by vascular and cardiac surgeons and by cardiologists. As a result, the interventions are less invasive and more precise, substantially reducing pain and recovery time.
  • Acquisition of five portable ultrasound machines and a sophisticated, point-of-care ultrasound system that enable the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit to reduce delays in tests and to improve workflow and bedside care.
  • Technology, medical-grade equipment and furniture for the Emergency Department’s triage and registration areas, Rapid Assessment Zones and pods.
  • Acquisition of extra beds, equipment and furniture to convert one-bed rooms into two-bed rooms during crises such as a large-scale flu outbreak, natural catastrophe or major accident.
  • A special fund to support research and training in the Emergency Department
  • Training in the use of new technology, best practices and procedures that prepared staff to move into Pavilion K.

The JGH Foundation extends its warmest thanks to more than 120 individuals, corporations and foundations for contributing to the major fundraising campaign that is still ongoing to support Pavilion K. Donors’ generosity has been, and will remain, a crucial means of ensuring that Pavilion K yields maximum benefits to patients and their loved ones.

For more information or to make a donation, please visit the JGH Foundation online or call 514-340-8251.


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