CIUSSS West-Central MontrealMay 2017

Solid success for CIUSSS in accreditation results

In the first network-wide accreditation since the restructured healthcare system came into existence in 2015, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal has achieved an impressive score of 96.3 per cent, along with praise for its strong commitment and focus on the needs of its patients, clients and residents.

The results reflect the findings of the representatives of Accreditation Canada and the Accreditation Board of Quebec, who toured and evaluated 16 CIUSSS facilities during the entire week of December 4, 2016.

While the examiners were free to examine any type of activity in any facility, they paid the greatest attention to eight broad areas (presented here with their scores):

  • Health and well-being of the public – 100
  • Mental health – 100
  • Leadership – 96.5
  • Infection prevention and control – 96.2
  • Governance – 96.2
  • Home care – 96
  • Long-term care – 94.8
  • Medication management – 89.9

When the next accreditation is held in December 2018, the examiners will look most closely at rehabilitation, acute care, ambulatory care, palliative care, integrated frontline services, public health, and obstetrics and gynecology. The 2018 results, combined with those of 2016, will present a full portrait of the performance of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal.

Accreditation FRBoth reports will be supplemented by accreditation that was conducted separately—and successfully—in 2015 for the Constance-Lethbridge Rehabilitation Centre and the stroke activities of the Richardson Hospital.

In their overall observations, the examiners commended the CIUSSS for adopting an integrated, network-wide approach that focuses on the needs of the users of health care and social services. They also praised the CIUSSS for staying alert to users’ needs, and then adapting the network’s services to meet those needs.

Other areas of strength:

  • leadership in achieving a culture in which safety is an intrinsic element of care
  • a deep sense of respect that motivates the CIUSSS to preserve and celebrate the varying legacies and unique qualities of each of the network’s facilities
  • the dedication and engagement of medical staff and other personnel, including volunteers
  • a strong university mission
  • effective partnerships with community groups and organizations
  • strategic and operational plans that are closely aligned with those of the Ministry of Health and Social Services

In addition, the examiners recommended various improvements and encouraged the CIUSSS in its efforts to continue bringing its facilities closer together, in order to further enhance accessibility to care and the seamless transfer of users among facilities. The CIUSSS was also asked to continue its pursuit of excellence in clinical practice and smooth patient flow.

In a congratulatory message to staff after the December inspection, Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg (President and CEO) and Francine Dupuis (Associate Executive Director) expressed their thanks to everyone—notably, the Continuous Quality Improvement teams—for “confirming not only that we were well prepared for the intensive accreditation visit, but that superior care is what we strive to provide at all times throughout our network.

“The extensive preparations for accreditation required a major commitment of time and effort by countless individuals, and we want to thank all of you for your invaluable contribution.

“We would particularly like to single out Anne Lemay (Assistant Executive Director for the Support, Administration and Performance Programs), Chantal Bellerose (Coordinator of Quality, Risk Management, Accreditation and the Patient Experience) and their teams for their leadership, professionalism and endless patience in supervising the process and ensuring that all of the proper elements were in place.”

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