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Strategy to improve efficiency under way throughout the JGH

Working closely with a monitor appointed by the provincial government, the Jewish General Hospital is embarking on a strategy to eliminate its deficit and trim its operating expenditures. The monitor, Dr. Michel Bureau, has already played a similar role in assisting the MUHC.

The need for prompt belt-tightening and fiscal responsibility has become an urgent priority not just at the JGH, but in healthcare institutions throughout Quebec, with the objective of achieving greater efficiency in all clinical and non-clinical areas.

In recent years, the JGH has successfully streamlined its activities and reduced waste, to the point where the Canadian Institute for Health Information named the JGH as the most efficient hospital in Canada in 2013, based on its ability to channel the maximum funds into health care by saving on administrative costs. Before and since Dr. Bureau’s involvement, the JGH has continued to explore new cost-cutting measures, while implementing best practices in treatment and care.

The hospital remains dedicated to assuring the highest levels of quality and safety in the deliver of care , as well as preserving the continuity of care.

“The circumstances in which we find ourselves pose considerable challenges,” says Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, Executive Director, “but any changes in practice that we undertake will be made for the right reasons. Moreover, this is an opportunity to take a step back and pause to reimagine what the hospital should be, what activities we should be offering and how these activities should be delivered.

“Regardless of the challenges, we need to continue to aspire to be the very best we can be in each of the clinical services we choose to provide. It must also be emphasized that throughout this process, it has been gratifying to see members of staff coming together to examine new ideas on cutting costs, even as they look out for patients’ well-being.”

Dr. Rosenberg offers a broader discussion of his vision of health care, as well as his thoughts on trimming expenditures and improving efficiency, in this video.


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