85th Anniversary - ArchivesNovember 2019

From the archives: Mayor Jean Drapeau pays a visit

In March 1984, Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau unveiled a plaque marking the 50th anniversary of the Jewish General Hospital.

Ossana Zeitounian, seamstress extraordinaire, in 2009 with a few of the dozens of dolls for which she sewed healthcare related uniforms.
85th Anniversary - ArchivesJuly 2019

From the archives: The JGH’s best dressed team of tiny healthcare staff

Members of the JGH’s best dressed healthcare team—more than 100 strong—are just 15 to 30 centimetres tall and are based in a pair of display cases in the first-floor passageway between Pavilions C and G.

At lunchtime in the JGH Centre for Child Development and Mental Health, Educator Monica Arnaldi (left) and Nurse Clinician Mia Grillakis engage their students in a discussion about the highlights of a story they recently read together.
October 2017Spotlight feature

Child Psychiatry: 50 years of caring for children and their families

Although the specially designed facilities of the Ruth and Saul Kaplan Pavilion were opened in 2010, its team approach is a direct descendent of the philosophy—both revolutionary and evolutionary—behind the Child Psychiatry Program when it was launched in 1967.