Moments before an operation gets under way in 2010, nurse Anna Pevreal asks Dr. Leonard Rosen (second from right) and members of the surgical team the questions on the JGH Surgical Safety Checklist. Their responses determine that the patient’s medical needs have been met and the operation can proceed safely.
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From the archives: How a few simple questions have made surgery safer

In 2009, the value of a surgical checklist was confirmed in research by the World Health Organization. In response, the JGH joined the growing ranks of leading hospitals around the world in 2010 by making systematic safety checks mandatory in all types of surgery.

In the recovery room of the Academic Cataract Centre, Claire Lenet receives instructions from Nursing Assistant Francine Mwimbi about the post-surgical care of her right eye.
May 2017News

Cataract centre garners stellar reviews from satisfied patients

Patients who were surveyed about their care in the JGH’s Academic Cataract Centre have turned in glowing reviews of their experiences.

From left: Dr. Daniel Obrand (Chief of Vascular Surgery), Robert Woo (X-ray Technologist) and Karen Williams (Nurse and Team Leader in Vascular Surgery) in the hybrid surgical suite. At certain points during the surgery, the patient on the operating table (foreground) is x-rayed by the C-arm (far left), which sends images in real time to the large screen (far right).
May 2017Spotlight feature

Surgery + imaging in one room = Safer, more effective procedures

If a stripped-down term like “hybrid surgical suite” doesn’t quite convey the versatility or sophistication of the JGH’s newest operating room, just think of it as the Swiss army knife of surgical facilities.

Anna Pevreal
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From the outback to the operating room:
My journey as a nurse

By the time I turned 5, I knew I would be a nurse—and the inspiration came from my mother.