Rita Briansky, at the Hope & Cope Cancer Wellness Centre, with a painting (at left) by her late husband, Joseph Prezament, and two of her own watercolours.
Hope & CopeJanuary 2018

Transforming blank, impersonal walls into sources of beauty and joy

Life-affirming colour and vitality, in the form of 60 works of art from the not-for-profit Art for Healing Foundation, are lifting the spirits of users of the Hope & Cope Cancer Wellness Centre.

In the Emergency Department’s Psychiatry lounge, Dr. Judy Glass (right) chats with Emergency Psychiatry Nurse Johane Celestin.
Feature articlesSpring 2015

Easing tensions in new Emergency Psychiatry area

Chalk up another benefit of the Emergency Department’s move to new facilities in Pavilion K: The number of Code Whites—the designation for a violent incident—has declined among emergency psychiatry patients.