Feature articlesJuly 2019

Special-needs volunteers at the JGH gain as much as they give

Special-needs visitors from the Friendship Circle are now regularly bringing flowers and smiles to JGH patients and staff. They learn that they can give of themselves as volunteers, in addition to being the recipients of guidance and support.

Eleanor Diamond(left), Team Leader of the Braille Production Service at MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre, and Christine Théorêt, an MAB-Mackay client, play braille Scrabble during the White Cane Week event at the JGH.
March 2018News

Taking a peek into the world of the visually impaired

To truly understand visual impairment, a sighted person sometimes needs to step into a dimmer world. That was the concept behind a special event at the JGH where curious individuals donned masks and picked up white canes.