Allen Rubin, President of the JGH Board of Governors
April 2016News

“Re-imagined, re-invigorated” JGH Board of Governors holds first meeting

As the JGH Board of Governors prepared to get down to business at its historic inaugural meeting, President Allen Rubin reminded his fellow members that the new Board is “empowered to make crucial decisions that affect the ability of the Jewish General Hospital to provide its patients with care of superior quality.”

A client arrives at the Constance-Lethbridge Rehabilitation Centre in a minivan that he owns and drives. The vehicle was adapted to his needs, based on an assessment by the team in the Driving Evaluation and Vehicle Adaptation Program at Constance-Lethbridge, which is now in the same west-central healthcare network as the JGH.
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Clearing the air about Bill 10

The most extensive overhaul of Quebec’s healthcare system in recent memory has left some frayed nerves in its wake. That’s why JGH leaders are suggesting that those with a connection to the hospital take a calm, clear-eyed look at the new legislation.