Dr. Stéphane Richard
November 2017Research at the Lady Davis Institute

Awards from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

In the most recent round of funding by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Dr. Stéphane Richard received a CIHR Foundation Grant worth $3.5 million over seven years.

Among the participants who explored Alzheimer’s disease at the Science Day at the JGH were (standing, from left) Dr. Stephen Cunane (University of Sherbrooke), Dr. Louis Collins (McGill University), Dr. Serge Gauthier (McGill and the Douglas Mental Health University Insitute), Dr. Naguib Mechawar (McGill and the Douglas), Dr. Frédéric Calon (University of Laval), Dr. Howard Chertkow (Lady Davis Institute and McGill), Dr. Remi Quirion (Chief Scientist of Quebec), and (seated, from left) Dr. Nicole Leclerc (University of Montreal and the University of Montreal Hospital Centre), Dr. Pierette Gaudreau (University of Montreal and the the University of Montreal Hospital Centre), Dr. Andréa LeBlanc (LDI and McGill), and Dr. Sylvie Belleville (University of Montreal and the Montreal University Institute of Geriatrics).
October 2016Research at the Lady Davis Institute

Mobilized against Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers in the field of Alzheimer’s disease gathered at the JGH in May to share ideas and insights at the annual Science Day of the Consortium for the Early Identification of Alzheimer’s Disease – Quebec.

Dr. Andréa LeBlanc
Research at the Lady Davis InstituteSeptember 2015

New revelations about a possible pathway to Alzheimer’s disease

Elevated levels of a particular protein, known as Capase-6, in a specific area of the brain can serve as an early indicator for the onset of the type of cognitive impairment that is characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.