Dr. Michael Malus, JGH Chief of Family Medicine, examines a young patient in the Goldman Herzl Family Practice Centre.
Feature articlesNovember 2017

Task force recommends elimination of annual checkups

Annual physical checkups yield few benefits and should be abolished, urges a Canadian task force, headed by a senior investigator in the Lady Davis Institute at the JGH.

During a home visit in the Virtual Ward program, Serena Gottlieb answers Dr. Bernardo Kremer’s questions about her heart and her breathing.
October 2016Spotlight feature

Patients’ homes transformed into virtual hospital wards

The Virtual Ward—believed to be the first program of its kind in Quebec—is carefully designed to tend to the needs of a select group of patients who have recently been discharged from the JGH and still face multiple medical problems, often complicated by advanced age and frailty.

Hand-made thank-you cards from grateful students of Marymount Academy.
NewsSpring 2015

Special thanks from grateful teens
to Teenage Health Unit

With cards, cake and warm words of thanks, students from Marymount Academy expressed their appreciation to staff of the Goldman Herzl Family Practice Centre at the JGH and the Vicki and Stan Zack and Family Teenage Health Unit.