Dr. Nathalie Johnson
Research at the Lady Davis InstituteSeptember 2022

Probing the benefits of exercise for patients and survivors of lymphoma

Although exercise is recognized as being good for cancer patients, hematologist Dr. Nathalie Johnson is taking a closer look at how it helps those with lymphoma.

April 2016Hope & Cope

Bone health assumes key importance in breast cancer recovery

One of Hope & Cope’s newest initiatives, the Breast & Bone Health Program, identifies women who have had breast cancer and are at risk for bone fragility.

At the JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre, volunteer kinesiologist Martin Côté Couillard leads an exercise session of the 70+ Club with (from left) Marcel Desrosiers, Lolita Matheson, Marcel Beauchemin and Pierrette Lamothe.
Hope & CopeSpring 2015

70+ club extends support
to older cancer patients and survivors

Having extended specialized assistance to young adults and to the parents of young children, Hope & Cope has now launched the 70+ Club for older individuals.

Is your fitness routine boring? Then go exploring!
Fall 2014Health tips

Is your fitness routine boring? Then go exploring!

For some people, getting motivated to exercise is a snap. They take a walk, go for a swim or head over to the gym—and their fitness needs are met. But for others, finding the right fit isn’t so simple.

In the gym of the JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre, Nikoletta Mallatou’s exercise session is supervised by exercise physiologist Lisa Mastroianni.
Fall 2014Hope & Cope

Gym expands as additional cancer patients opt for exercise

The JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre’s gym has been expanded to accommodate the growing number of individuals seeking the benefits of a personalized exercise program during or soon after their treatment for cancer.