Mazit Ifergan undergoes an obstetrical ultrasound scan by Linda Larin (seated), a Specialized Ultrasound Technician, in consultation with Dr. Louise Miner.
Feature articlesJanuary 2020

Obstetrical Ultrasound celebrates 30 years of helping to welcome new generations

Obstetrical Ultrasound is celebrating 30 years of stand-alone service at the JGH, independent of Radiology. It performs about 13,000 scans on at least 3,900 women a year for routine fetal development and possible high-risk complications.

In 1967, Nurse Vashti McClean turns the selector switch of the JGH’s new fetal heart monitoring system, as she listen’s to an unborn baby’s heartbeat through an amplifier (lower left) and watches it on an oscilloscope (upper right).
85th Anniversary - ArchivesJuly 2019

From the archives: The beat goes on in Obstetrics

The JGH was at the forefront of obstetrical care in 1967, when it became the first hospital in Montreal to install a fetal heart monitoring system.