Jeannette Singerman, a volunteer in Palliative Care, shows a package of rose-shaped soaps to patient Leah Pasechnick, who chose to present them as a gift to a loved one.
Feature articlesFebruary 2019

Palliative Care volunteers give the gift of gift-giving at the JGH

It’s better to give than receive, but what if illness makes gift-giving impossible? In Palliative Care at the JGH, a volunteer program run by Hope & Cope enables patients to choose from a variety of donated gifts that they can present to their loved ones.

At the JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre, volunteer kinesiologist Martin Côté Couillard leads an exercise session of the 70+ Club with (from left) Marcel Desrosiers, Lolita Matheson, Marcel Beauchemin and Pierrette Lamothe.
Hope & CopeSpring 2015

70+ club extends support
to older cancer patients and survivors

Having extended specialized assistance to young adults and to the parents of young children, Hope & Cope has now launched the 70+ Club for older individuals.

In the gym of the JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre, Nikoletta Mallatou’s exercise session is supervised by exercise physiologist Lisa Mastroianni.
Fall 2014Hope & Cope

Gym expands as additional cancer patients opt for exercise

The JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre’s gym has been expanded to accommodate the growing number of individuals seeking the benefits of a personalized exercise program during or soon after their treatment for cancer.