On October 8, 1934, at a ceremony that Dr. Charles Gomberg attended as a child, Lord Bessborough, the Governor General of Canada, officially opened the doors to the JGH. Until 1950, the entire hospital consisted of what is now known as Pavilion B.
85th Anniversary - ArchivesOctober 2019

From the archives: The Jewish General Hospital is inaugurated

The Jewish General Hospital opened on Oct. 8, 1934, with a grand ceremony that was widely covered by the French and English press.

On August 3, 1931, Canada’s Governor General, Lord Bessborough (centre, with shovel), turned the first sod to start construction of the JGH. Joining him at the ceremony were (from left) Hirsch Wolofsky (with cane), Editor of the Jewish Daily Eagle; A.M. Vineberg, Chairman of the Building Program; Michael Hirsch, Co-Chairman of the 1929 Building Campaign; Joseph Levinson Sr., Treasurer; Rabbi Herman Abramowitz of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim; and Allan Bronfman, Co-Chairman of the 1929 Building Campaign.
85th Anniversary - ArchivesApril 2019

From the archives: Ground is broken to start construction of the JGH

One of the most stirring milestones in the history of the JGH was the day when ground was finally broken, on August 3, 1931, to start construction of the hospital.