The team heading the implementation of the Patient Order Sets consists (from left) Bob Lapointe (IT Lead), Gosia Radaczynska (representative, Think Research), Dr. Elizabeth MacNamara (Medical Lead), Geneviève Beaudoin (Clinical Lead) and Serge Cloutier (Nursing Lead). Projected on the screen behind them is a sample Patient Order Set.
April 2016News

Making instructions for patient care clearer, faster, safer

New digital Patient Order Sets contain comprehensive instructions for nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists and other members of healthcare staff who provide care for patients.

The Agora, the large hall and entryway just inside the main doors of Pavilion K.
April 2016Spotlight feature

Private donations remain vital to Pavilion K’s success

As patients reap the benefits of the improved healthcare services and enhanced environment of Pavilion K, private donors have been crucial in ensuring that many vital elements of the new critical-care wing are in place.