Cover of a booklet that was published in the 1950s to promote the JGH School of Nursing. The student nurses are standing at the Côte-des-Neiges entrance of what is now known as Pavilion A. This wing, which opened in 1950, included classrooms, a dormitory and a lecture hall. (Click on this or any photo to enlarge it.)
Feature articlesSeptember 2021

Laughter, tears and life-long lessons: Remembering the JGH School of Nursing

Graduates of the now-defunct JGH School of Nursing (class of 1971) mark their 50th anniversary by reminiscing about what made their education so unique.

85th Anniversary - ArchivesSeptember 2019

From the archives: Why are there sinks in some administrative offices in Pavilion A?

Drop into one of the older administrative offices in Pavilion A, and you’ll find it outfitted with a desk, computer, bookshelves—and a sink.