A simulation exercise is conducted in the ambulance bay adjoining the JGH Emergency Department (ED). Residents in emergency medicine play the ED’s medical staff (in hazmat suits), while medical students portray the victims of a toxic chemical spill. To remove the noxious substance to which he has been exposed, a mock patient washes himself in the inflatable shower tent (centre), while his child (a doll, right of centre) is entrusted to medical personnel. Meanwhile, a mock patient in a wheelchair (left) is washed by medical staff using hand-held shower nozzles. (Click on this or any photo to enlarge it.)
July 2024Spotlight feature

Simulation exercise offers vital training in coping with effects of toxic chemical spill

Emergency medicine residents in a simulation exercise experience the real-world pressure of assisting the victims of a toxic chemical spill.

Screenshot from a JGH video: Healthcare providers use a manikin to simulate the treatment of a COVID-positive patient who had a cardiac arrest shortly after arriving at the hospital.
CIUSSS West-Central MontrealMay 2020

JGH Zoom presentation on treating COVID-19 patients draws over 500 participants from Quebec hospitals

To help fight COVID-19, healthcare providers across Quebec are viewing videos of simulation exercises, conducted by the JGH Emergency Medicine Simulation team.