Rear (from left): Noah Laliberté, Michael O’Rourke-Thomassin, Zachary Wolf, Anthony Calderone and Matthew Guay. Middle (from left): Head Coach Angelo Calderone, Manager Brad Wolf, Logan Carr, John Vaccaro, Matthew Theodore, Anthony McCall, Connor Lovell, and coaches Alan Lovell and Louis Cavaliere. Front (from left): Benjamin Adler, Jonny McCall, Nicholas Sanche, Aris Zimakas, Matteo Cavaliere and Michael Cooper.
Fall 2014Foundation

Teens helping teens

Boys aged 13, 14 and 15 from the Bantam A Tigers Hockey Team of the Lakeshore Minor Hockey Federation volunteered their time bagging groceries at the Provigo in Kirkland over a weekend, raising $400 which they donated to the Vicki & Stan Zack and Family Teenage Health Unit (THU) of the Goldman Herzl Family Practice Centre at the Jewish General Hospital.