August 2020Milestones

Three new surgeons join the JGH

Dr. Allison Pang, colorectal surgeon

Dr. Allison Pang has joined the JGH Division of Colorectal Surgery, having completed her General Surgery residency at the University of Toronto, followed by her residency in colorectal surgery at McGill University, which she concluded this past June.

With a Master of Science degree in biochemistry from the University of Toronto, Dr. Pang has expertise in open and minimally invasive surgery, including transanal endoscopic surgery and colonoscopy. She is recognized as an excellent teacher and will play a significant role in the hospital’s academic program in colorectal surgery.

Dr. Pang also plans to spearhead the launch of a prehabilitation program at the JGH for patients in colorectal and general surgery. Prehabilitation is a form of pre-surgical care that strengthens patients physically, nutritionally, medically and mentally. This improves their outcomes and can also serve as a foundation for a research program.

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Dr. Ipshita Prakash, breast oncologist

The JGH Division of General Surgery has welcomed Dr. Ipshita Prakash, a breast oncologist. Dr. Prakash graduated from the General Surgery residency program at McGill University, and went on to complete her fellowship in breast oncology at Duke University this past July.

She has also earned a Master of Science degree in health policy, planning and financing from the London School of Health and Tropical Medicine, and a degree in political science from the London School of Economics.

In her research, Dr. Prakash studies the impact of health-related social inequities on patients’ outcomes. She plans to continue to identify Quebec’s current inequities in diagnosing and delivering care for breast cancer, as well as providing solutions to address gaps in managing breast cancer.

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Dr. Oliver Lasry, neurosurgeon

Dr. Oliver Lasry, a surgeon-scientist, has joined the JGH Division of Neurosurgery, including appointments in the Lady Davis Institute at the JGH, and at McGill University. He specializes in spine neurosurgery and neuroepidemiology, with clinical interests in spine oncology and myelopathy.

Dr. Lasry’s research program centres on improving surveillance methodology and the quality of epidemiological research for traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injuries.

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