MilestonesOctober 2020

Two new doctors appointed in the Department of Medicine

Two new physicians have been appointed in the JGH Department of Medicine—Dr. Jill Pancer in the Division of Endocrinology and Dr. Maude Peretz-Larochelle in Division of Cardiology.

Dr. Pancer, who has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in McGill University’s Department of Medicine,  Dr. Pancer earned her medical degree at the Université de Montréal. She also completed her residency program in internal medicine and her fellowship in adult endocrinology and metabolism at McGill.

Dr. Pancer pursued additional training in women’s health at Women’s College Hospital, affiliated with the University of Toronto.

Dr. Pancer will have clinical duties at the JGH, where she will also play a leading role in teaching students and medical residents, as well as training endocrinology residents.

Dr. Peretz-Larochelle, who has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in McGill’s Department of Medicine, earned her medical degree from McGill in 2011, where she completed three years of residency both in internal medicine and in cardiology.

In addition, Dr. Peretz-Larochelle pursued training at the University of Toronto to earn Royal College certification in critical care. This was followed by an additional fellowship in device implantation at the Ottawa Heart Institute.

During her training, Dr Peretz-Larochelle demonstrated clinical excellence and was a leader in education, focusing her research on teaching ICU trainees in aspects of cardiology, as well as cardiology trainees in aspects of critical care.

At the JGH, Dr. Peretz-Larochelle will focus on cardiac intensive care, medical/surgical ICU and pacemaker/device implants. She will also have a leading role in teaching students and medical residents, and in training cardiology residents.

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