April 2016Hope & Cope

Upgraded website reflects Hope & Cope’s diversity and vitality

Hope & Cope has been so successful at upgrading and diversifying its services during the past several years that its website has now also been revitalized to keep pace with the many changes.

Hope & CopeThe previous site, created in 2011 to promote the JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre (Lou’s House), no longer reflected the full breadth of Hope & Cope’s programs and services. That’s why a new look and a wide assortment of new features were unveiled just before New Year’s.

The goal was to create a site that’s as warm, welcoming and inviting as Hope & Cope itself. It’s also user-friendly and easy to navigate for internet novices and computer “mavens” alike, with content logically organized to make it quick and easy to find.

Here are some of the key changes in appearance and functionality:

  • a new logo that’s attractive, colourful and symbolic of hope
  • content grouped into specific categories, such as “I am Newly Diagnosed”, “I am a Caregiver”, “I’ve Had a Recurrence” and “I Have Finished Treatment”
  • a more robust “Get Involved” section that focuses on opportunities to volunteer, donate and/or become a corporate partner
  • an attractive calendar on the Events and Activities page that’s colour-coded by category and can be viewed in monthly, weekly or daily formats, or as a poster-board
  • a revamped News section on the home page, featuring program updates, tips on living well with cancer, news about Hope & Cope, and blogs from volunteers, staff and participants
  • a Facebook feed on the home page, as well as links to Hope & Cope’s Facebook and Twitter pages, with a YouTube channel on the horizon
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